In today’s workplace environment it is essential that employers know all they can about their employees and prospective employees.  A full, professional background investigation tailored to the needs of an employer can, among other things, help reduce:


potential liability for negligent hiring or negligent retention

employee turnover

workplace violence

workers compensation claims

leave abuse, and

employee theft.


Several internet websites advertise “instant” background checks.  These companies usually do nothing more than automatically search through free public record sources which, quite often, contain outdated information or information that you are already aware of.  Our investigators will obtain current information by direct contact with required sources.  We will identify the sources utilized for you.  Typically, a background investigation conducted by Painter & Associates could include:


                 Verification of name and date of birth

                 Verification of Social Security number, state of issue and time period of issue                 Verification of current home address and telephone number

                 Verification of previous home addresses and telephone numbers

                 Verification of current employment

                 Verification of prior employments

                 Verification of education

                 Verification of military service

                 Verification of status of professional licensure

                 Verification of driver license and driver history

                 Verification of vehicle registration

                 Verification of credit history

                 Conduct of reference checks

                 Conduct check for civil/criminal records

                 Conduct current wants and warrants check

                 Conduct check for bankruptcy, liens and judgments

                 Conduct neighborhood canvass

              Conduct check of sex offender registries


We will be more than happy to discuss your needs and develop an appropriate investigation for you.

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